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Planning individual learning processes. Using DAKORA materials and tasks can be assigned to learners individually or in learning groups. Students select materials needed from a pre-planning storage and put them on a weekly learning plan. 

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Use this app for competency-based eportfolio-work in a learner-driven course setting.

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Comet Tool - Community Version

Digital Competence grids give guidance in learning development processes. The concept can be used generalizing for organizations or personalizing for students.

Different development-projects (funding done through Erasmus+projects with Federal Ministries in Germany and Austria) lead to the development of the COMET-tool which is based on the OpenSource principle.

COMET is an acronym for COMpetencegrid-Entry-Tool) and is used to create competence grids of any kind. By using the tool output of grids can be generated in different formats. When used in a learning management system like MOODLE it can be used to document the development of students in a competence field and help develop competence profiles.

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