learning with competence grids

Planning individual learning processes

Using DAKORA materials and tasks can be assigned to learners individually or in learning groups. Students select materials needed from a pre-planning storage and put them on a weekly learning plan. 


Promote and document individual learning processes

Clicking on a competence field opens associated learning materials, directly in the app. Students work on the material, self-assess and turn it in via app. Trainers assess solutions that have been submitted.

Statistics and graphical overviews are generated automatically and are useful for counseling.


  • weekly working plans
  • ePortfolios
  • competence profiles
  • learning progress reports
  • thematic competence approach
  • self- and peer-assessment


If you have developed interest in our products: contact us! We are happy to assist with questions related to

  • individualization
  • eportfolio work
  • competence grids


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